Get started, get funded

Providing you with several tools to help you raise capital.

Want to go solo with no tourist-guide? No problem, below please find some of the services at a reduced cost.

Shortcuts for startups to raise capital

Providing startups with the tools to getting funded.

Tailored list of investors

Receive one free super-vetted list of the top investors that fit within the criteria of your startup. The list includes a handful of relevant investors' details, such as: their website, investment focus, location, etc.*


*The list will be sent to you within 5 business days, as it needs to be compiled and for your payment to clear out.

Business development evaluation

Receive one free session with one of our experts to evaluate your business, partially based on the business canvas model to ensure that you're in the best position to raise capital for your startup.

The experts at VDVP are experienced in:

  1. Market-research, which is imperative to a successful business
  2. Financial valuation, as in "getting the numbers to make sense to an investor"
  3. Legal aspects, such as NDAs, PPMs, privacy policies, GDPR, CCPA and more
Free pitchdeck checklist

Does your pitch deck make sense? Providing you with a free list of topics that are a must in your pitchdeck, to increase your startup's chances of being appealing to investors.

Discount on valuation calculation

Do you know how much your startup is worth? We will be providing you with an expert valuation for a reduced price.


Cost for this package is €950 (excluding VAT, where applicable)

Founding a fund?

Raising capital for your fund is a lot of work, here are some tools to prepare your fund for the fundraiser

Providing you with the tools to assist with setting up your VC/PE/HF fund.

Checklist for private placement memoranda

What is a private placement memorandum? What should be added in it for your fund? Get some clarity for setting up your fund. This checklist will give you an overview of all things to consider prior to letting a lawyer start from scratch.

Checklist for limited partnership agreements

What do you need to consider when an LP is actually interested in providing you with the capital for your fund? Here's a checklist that can assist in giving you that insight.

Due diligence checklist

As an investor, you might know the main points to look for when investing, but oversights and memory relapses may harm you along the way.

Here is some structure to going about doing your due diligence for future investments.

Discounted valuation services

As you'll have to accurately know the valuation of businesses that your fund would like to engage with, expert-valuation is crucial. For that reason, we are offering such services for a discounted rate.

Investment strategy

One free session to review the current pitch deck and other marketing material for the fund, including recommendations about potentially interested LPs. This will be based on the information provided to us after completing the payment. This strategy will be provided within 5 business days, tailored to your fund's needs.


The cost for this package is €1,500 (excluding VAT, where applicable) and gives you some clarity in creating your new fund.