The plan

We're setting up an accelerator programme in Utrecht, to enable local startups and startups from that region to receive help with their business

We are currently putting everything together provide a solid offering to startups through the accelerator program. Although all startups are welcome to sign up, only a select few will be invited to the new accelerator program.

Time To Accelerate!

We take your startup very serious and focus on the exponential growth of it. Although technology enables us to connect with one another faster than ever before, it is still not enough, right? Our aim is to provide startups with access to new markets where their ideal target customers are.

The world is your oyster.

The lifeline of a business, is sales. In today's world, your location or that of your customers isn't necessarily important, as long as you can reach them. We aim to assist you in reaching all of these potential customers, around the world, through our partners. Our focus will be on providing access to the EU, US and Africa.

Growth is the key

Through our help, we'll work diligently with you to increase your current market share. Your startup has tremendous potential, let's show that to your customers.

Financial assistance

Through our accelerator program you'll be put in a position to be able to receive €500,000+ in funding from our backed investors.

What You Need To Know

Here are three main things to keep in mind of the accelerator program.

Program Applicants

We only accept 15 applicants per curriculum, so sign up as soon as possible.

Program Duration

The duration of each curriculum is 3 months, with the first one starting mid September.


The accelerator program will be held in the Netherlands (Utrecht).

Our Program

Our program will be divided in several stages, throughout the 3 month period.

Traction and matching

To make sure that we can provide you all of the necessary help growing, we'll evaluate all of your progress and setup a strategy with you to penetrate or expand your influence in the preferred market.

Growth and business development

After validating your traction and setting the strategy we'll focus on truly helping you reaching the desired results and soaring past these milestones.

Growth and funding

In the final stage, our goal is to keep you soaring through the guidance of our mentors, the opened doors and by working to get you funded through our investor network.

Applicant Criteria

Since there are only a select amount of applicant slots, we've compiled a list of criteria of how we can narrow it down.

Here are the main criteria of the accelerator program:

  • *Creating a new business model that can solve real-world economic problems; fintech, blockchain technology, etc.
  • *Adding scalable value to existing business models
  • *All applicants should be in alpha/beta and/or generating revenue stage
  • *Business to business models are preferred over Business to consumer models. Depending on the model's potential and scalability, an exception or two could be made.

Want to be a part of the project?

We offer the early opportunity to potential partners to become a part of the accelerator program. Here's who we're open to do business with:


We're offering investors the opportunity to receive sufficient dealflow through our accelerator program and related activities.

Towards investors, the program can offer the following:

  • -Sufficient investment opportunities
  • -Real-time access to insight into the operations of these startups
  • -Additional due diligence support

In case this sounds interesting to you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Strategic partners

We're looking for strategic partners that can aide the startups and help expand the program itself.

Strategic partners will be given the following benefits:

  • -Consistent marketing towards a strong startup audience
  • -Sufficient deal flow and business opportunities
  • -Access to new markets, through the existing partners of the program

In case this sounds interesting to you, please don't hesitate to contact us.