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Valley Date Venture Partners ("VDVP") is a full-scale business consulting and investment brokerage firm aimed at raising funds for venture capital funds, incubators and accelerators with over 20 years of combined experience in fundraising, business consulting and technology development and management.

Money Isn't Everything

Are you an investor? Then you know it's not just about the money.


Every investment is a risk that is being taken by the investor and to a significantly lower amount, also the entrepreneur. We'd like to help you and your team, navigate through the various risk factors when considering your next investment.

Due diligence

Even when having everything listed, how big of a risk an investment is, doing some due diligence is still crucial to be able to setup the specific terms and conditions for your investment. Our team can assist you with that.

Deal flow

Based off of your preferences and criteria, we'd be able to help you with quality projects to invest in. Since we're not bound by one specific country, we are able to offer you quality leads that fit your investor profile.

Ambition Can Be Great

Even investors would like to reach higher levels. Here's how we can help with that.

Return On Investment

For Investors, it is crucial to know exactly what they're investing in and how they might make a profit. We'd be open to help you in expanding your operations while maintaining or increasing your ROI.

Fund Raising

Would you like to setup or grow your fund size? Let's have a chat and we'll assist you in your fundraise.

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